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About Us

IQRAA FASHION has been established in Damascus, Syria since 1995, and it has opened 6 branches in different regions to meet the needs of the Syrian market of veiled clothes and blackboards, as well as relied on exports to different countries of the world, including Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco and others. Arab and European countries as retail sales and wholesaling.

Today IQRAA FASHION is located in Istanbul and it works in the field of ready-made clothes. Its experience in this field extends to 25 years.

Iqra'a Fashion is provided through the retail and wholesale stores through its six branches in Istanbul. IQRAA FASHION has opened its first branch in the Fatih area and then spread to Esenyurt and Sultan Beyli.

IQRAA FASHION has become a brand of women's clothing and women's accessories for its customers, which offers a wide choice of colors and models.

 IQRAA FASHION is considered the headline of veiled fashion globally. It is a brand that tracks the latest fashion trends in the world and advises its customers through the expert staff that has fashion designers.


IQRAA FASHION can produce veiled fashionable fashion designs according to international standards to meet all the needs of its customers in the field of product diversity and the field of e-shopping experience so you can now shop without the need to travel to Turkey.


IQRAA FASHION customers can find all kinds of veiled clothes, the most beautiful hijabs, prayer isdal, and the two-piece veil, in addition to the different abaya models, from black abayas to chic and even large size abayas. From him veiled women from evening dresses and veiled dresses to suit the fashion and veiled fashion. Customers can also find the latest models of various accessories such as bags, belts and accessories in the same place and under the same ceiling.

IQRAA FASHION is provided under the slogan "Ultimate Customer Satisfaction", providing sales and logistical services to customers throughout the week.

The online store has been opened on the Internet to provide service to its customers who are confident in the quality of perfect clothing fabrics and who wish to make an easy purchase as bulk buying has become as easy as retail buying thanks to this website.